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Aftershok Performance Fitness is a results driven group fitness facility.  Offering adult fitness classes such as Bootcamp, Spin and TRX as well as Elite Team Training and Youth Performance Programs, Aftershok isn’t your regular gym!  We push you to meet your goals, help you live a healthy and fit lifestyle and meet success in your sport.


    Aftershok’s Adult Fitness division consists of high-energy group motivated training sessions of bootcamp, spin, TRX and combo classes.  They are lead by only certified trainers who engage with all the members to help them meet their fitness goals.  Whether that goal is weight-loss, increased strength & endurance or just to tone up Aftershok has the fitness formula for you.  

    *Offered to those aged 18 and up


    Afershok’s ten week youth performance program is offered to both boys and girls aged 9-17 and includes a well-balanced conditioning program.  The youth participate in unique functional training workouts that lead to positive changes in self-esteem and a healthier lifestyle.

    Each session is closely monitored by certified trainers and based on our P.A.S.S philosophy (power, agility, strength, and speed) youth can expect to build in these key areas depending on individual goals and sports.  Our fundamental philosophy is “movement with a purpose” using functionality as the foundation.

    Workouts incorporate the use of specialty equipment such as:

    • TRX Suspension Trainer
    • Agility ladders
    • Low hurdles
    • Speed parachutes
    • 360 shaw resistance band
    • Speed launch resistance band
    • Power resistance bands
    • Power boxes (Plyometrics)

    For athletes it is recommended one session per week for maintenance during season; twice or three times a week for off season.


    Aftershok’s athletic performance team training is in 10 week blocks designed for youth sport teams.  The athletes are tested in the areas of agility, speed & core strength and lead through a sport specific interval-training workout.  

    The training focuses on maximizing physical and mental components in several fitness domains: cardiovascular/ respiratory endurance, strength, flexibility, power, speed, co-ordination, agility, balance and accuracy.  The program is inspired by the “Law of Functionality” referring to something able to fulfill its purpose or function.  

    We feel the following objectives must be met when developing an athlete:

    • Increased physical presence
    • Increased power in contact
    • Increased strength
    • Increased speed
    • Increased athleticism
    • Improved sport-specific fitness
    • Decreased risk of injury

    Once a week sessions are recommended for maintenance during the season and two or three sessions a week for off season.

    Lead your team to success with Aftershok’s elite team training program! Please contact us for more information and pricing.

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